LadyBoss 5 in 1

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Vol. 01 #LadyBoss

The very first collection of she.her.hers. with 5 different shades, representing  all the characters of our #LadyBoss.


FIERCE (bright red), the color that represents power and courage. She knows what she wants and is not easily intimidated. This shade is for all the Fierce #LadyBoss.

PASSION (dark red), the color that represents confidence and boldness. She sends out emotionally charged signals. This shade is for the passionate #LadyBoss.

COMPASSION (soft pink), the universal color that represents kind-hearted love. She is a lover of all things beautiful, a compassionate #LadyBoss.

SINCERE (brown), she is viewed as warm, comfortable, and wholesome. A Sincere #LadyBoss that appears to others as genuine, natural and dependable.

CHARM (peach), she is a charming #LadyBoss and an individual who is spontaneous and who simply has fun.

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